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JSReliability  Welcome Introduction

firmly believe that each Human creature on this Earth matters and each should be able to share a beautiful safe and abundantly joyful life of beauty and pleasure by following a simple set of behavioral rules that are sensible and consistent yet not too restrictive. I believe that this is actually the case but for a variety of reasons it is not  always  easy for an individual person to detect and select and take the most appropriate action to take for a given situation. Sometimes a  compromise must be made.

But I also believe that there is always an action that can be taken that will provide the most good results for most people with minimal total losses in  human quality of life.

I am designing, creating, developing, and maintaining this website layout and contents to be my personal Internet journal and platform where I can freely explore and investigate and express and explain my personal experiences along with my observations and interpretations about the same subjects. Over the years, I have gained a great deal of uniquely valuable personal knowledge and understanding of the relationships between root causes and effects of my. personal and theoretically private behaviors and processes and equipment with the successes and failures and relationships with life liberty and pursuit of pleasure and happiness.

Basically, I believe that since the beginning of time in this World, God the Creator provided all categories of  resources. From the beginning, each and every resource had specific inherant qualities and geographically distributed quantities and purposes that influenced the relative values given to each category of resource. 

These categories of resources include the most basic elemental resources, 

Welcome and Introduction to my Website


Expressions of My Own Personal Beliefs and Perspectives on Vital Issues!  

(Now and always will be under design, development, construction, maintenance)       

  1. I believe in God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and in the history of human kind and civilization as documented in the King James Version of the Holy Bible from Genesis thru Malachi (OT) and Matthew thru Revelation (NT).
  2. Earth is the planet in the Solar System that we call "home." He created human beings and universe. He created humanity to be the primary species on earth as described in the Holy Bible and Koran!
  3. I am interested in exploring ways to "Improve  Future Project RAMS Programs" through innovative applications of Reliability, Quality, Safety, and Psychological Engineering!
  4. I Believe that Every Individual Human Life Matters! 
  5. Each Person Needs A Basic Upbringing, Education, and Training along with Basic Responsibilities and Independence and civil liberties in order to make choices and to do activities and say things which will achieve the greatest and truest goals in life.
  6.  I believe that recognition of civil liberties as defined in the US Constitution, the Declaration of Liberty, the  Bill of Rights, the Gettysburg Address, and other documents helped to Make America Great
  7. Best  Individual Life Achievement  Determined by
  8.  , 
  9. The Importance of Education and Freedom of Choice!
  10. Engineering Psychology and Relationships!
  11. Seeking to Live Long, Prosper, Healthy, Happy, Safe, and Secure!

Do these subjects seem incredibly exciting to you?  They are exciting to me!

Are you scratching your head, going bald, anxiously turning blue while holding you breath, waiting to discover what it is all about? 

Or at the very least, are you patiently allowing a little pause for your web surfing finger time to rest before giving a big finger and SOB (Surf on By) gesture?

Okay. Good! You are still here! You must be curious to begin exploring!


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Now, please allow me to introduce my website to you.

And Now, Hello! My name is James G Short, Jr. Jim. JS

You can most easily connect to me via one of the Social Media links:
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I am the main, central character and webmaster of . I play multiple simultaneous roles here.

In the primary role, I was born in 1957 in Lansing, Michigan, where I began my life as a citizen of the United States of America. I began my formal education in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1963 and continued through public and parochial school and earned my  BSE degree in Electrical Engineering at Walla Walla College, College  Place, WA, 1981. I have resided in Michigan, Georgia, Utah, Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, and now Texas. I have been raised as a Seventh-day Adventist Protestant Christian. I have received training and performance experience as an amateur classical musician on piano, guitar, drums, percussion, and voice. I have been employed in various capacities and positions and for several employers and industries since 1972.


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