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Hello! This is The purpose of this HOME page is to welcome new and returning site visitors, providing an introduction and orientation to its new uniquely innovative and personal perspectives to applying proven reliability theories and practices to expand the reach of a common mission: improving future project performance results.

My name is James G. Short, Jr., and I am the webmaster, creator, and manager man in front of this Improves All Future Project Performance Results for All Users!

This HOME tab provides Welcome, News, Introductions, Announcements for new and returning visitors to this website who are seeking ways to "Improve Future Project Performance Results." To find additional introductory information,  please visit the ABOUT tab.

Happy New Year 2017! My wish is that the contents of will be genuinely helpful both to you visitors and to myself as we seek solutions which will enable us all to achieve improved future project performance results! 

  1. is a personal and business website that expresses the unique collection of knowledge, point of view. life experience, talents, skills, data tools, and related services I, the site creator and author, propose to offer to fulfill my intent to share the benefits of YTILIBAILER, my own systematic Reliability engineering data management center and collection of applications for improving future project performance results. It is all part of my efforts to gather a wide variety of  reliability engineering theories and tools and lessons learned in order to "Pay it Forward" to a wide variety of a new generation of persons, corporate executives, project managers, sales managers, purchasing managers, consumers, engineers, and others.
  2. My basic assumption states that "All Lives Matter and All Project Details Matter." This is an easy statement to say and makes a great campaign slogan during a presidential election year when "Making America Great Again" and "Stronger Together" seem to have been the names of the game. But what practical meaning does this convey that could help any person to "Improve All Future Project Reliability Performance Results" in any noticeable way? What difference can any thing make in real life? Especially during a  time when there seems to be limited resources available to solve many of today's problems?
  3. In response, let me just assert that I do indeed strongly believe that "All Lives Matter and All Project Details Matter" in everyday life. Now, on the other hand, I also accept that there is much value in living for the moment and accepting things as they occur without feeling excessive stress and responsibility for the outcome. Moreover, as with many situations in this life, it is humanly not possible to go back and change things in the past. And there is often a time and place for anything. The secret for a successful life is learning how to determine the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, left and right. up and down. This is especially true in cases where safety is a significant concern. 
  4. In some cases the results are absolute and are the same in all cases, while in other cases the results are relative depending on the perspective  or point of view.
  5. I  wish to confirm by my support of the statement "All Lives and All Project Details Really Do Matter" that the wide diversity in   perspective and point of view emphasizes the necessity of looking at things from multiple perspectives and that I recognize that this can increase the complexity of finding solutions that work for everyone.
  6. Yes, things may be more complex, and perhaps perfect solutions that fit everyone may not be found or easily reached, but practical solutions can often be found for many difficult issues. By joining together and working together as small project teams much can indeed be accomplished to significantly help more people live better, safer, more productive, more enjoyable, more economically sustainable lives than what they might otherwise have expected. Nothing I present here is particularly earth shattering, but the outstanding results may be obtained by looking at things from some new directions and perspectives and points of view.
  7. Yes, I firmly believe that "All Lives Matter and All Project Details Really Do Matter" and that all must always be suitably evaluated and taken into account when seeking solutions. But this does not mean that every life or every project detail can be treated as equally suitable solutions. There is no guarantee that any given solution is a perfect form fit and function suitable substitute or replacement under all possible circumstances. 
  8. Yes, it is essential to learn how to distinguish between what works right and what works wrong. In any situation, the same causes will create the same results and the thing will work the same. If the results are not the same as expected, there is usually some logical reason. Stable things do not produce random results. In some cases the different causes may be readily determined and solutions can be enacted to prevent undesired and possible unsafe results.
  9. Yes, although I do not claim to know everything about every project or process and what causes success or failure, I do believe that  I have systematic methods that can help discover the causes and corrective actions that can make things work better.

Are you curious? Are you wanting to learn still more about how can help "Improve All Future Project Reliability Performance Results" for yourself? So am I!


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