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Welcome to the Home Page of

My name is James G Short Jr., “Jim” [ JS ]

I am the Webmaster, creating, editing, and maintaining the contents of this Internet website to describe, express, explore, and explain the interactions among cause and effect factors among various project outcome probability, whether small, large, public, private, past, present, or future.

I bring many years of experience as a USA Citizen, Human Life Project, and 

from my own private perspective and point of view, the interactions among various small and large cause and effect factors upon small and large private and public project outcomes. I hope to

upon small, large, rare, common, private, personal, public, physical, mental, emotional, political, historic, future, cause and effect relationships 

in some among various ev

how relatively minor changes in 


My Scope and Purpose is to 

is some private pursonal events 

some private personal experiences and observations which seem to me to be signicantly different from what 

some personal experiences and obs

explore and express and the 

Continuusly Improve Probability of Understanding and Applying Cause and Effect Feedback and Control Factors for Total Quality Reliabiliby Maintainability Safety Happy Healthy Integrated Human Life Project Systems

the interactions between cause a

and about my experiences and interactions with the worlds of Reliability and Reality.   I will start by describing my life events from a biographical and career history perspective under the menu headings of this website, and I will then proceed to illustrate many of the events from my personal point of view and perspective as project manager of my life as a sample team RAMS project program under the YTILIBAILERTQLRAMSPPPTQLPRAISESTQLUFANDS website menu headings. I will attempt to give a fair and reasonable and respectful response to other opinions and views, but I give priority to expressing things in a peaceful manner or what seems to be helpful, or what is most in agreement with the truth. Other limiting factors are my ability to state my view clearly with the facilities and time I have available to me. Of course, I am always right about  things as I see and hear and smell and feel and taste and sense them. If my view seems to you to be false or incorrect in any way, please feel free to submit your view, but I still reserve the right to respond as I see fit. This is all very personal to me.

I note that Reliability itself is absolutely unprejudiced in the way it functions. It does not matter whether the End Effect is Good or Bad or desireable or undesireable. It is an expression of the statistical probability that when The Cause happens The Effect also happens.  If the Cause always results in the Effect then the Reliability is 1.00,or 100 of 100, or 100%. It depends largely on the context of the discussion. When the safety or quality of human life and functionality is being considered, higher reliability is preferred because it is expected to result in higher safety or quality of human life and functionallity. Lower failure rates lead to higher safety or quality of human life and functionallity. This is usually prefered even if the initial cost and effort is somewhat higher.

Often the study of the reliability of a project is considered to be mathematically complicated beyond the ability of most common people to understand. If they did understand they might change their behavior away from risky dangerous activities and proceed to enjoy an improved life style. I believe that many of the concepts of cause and effect are not impossible to learn.

My ultimate goal here is to securely, cost-effectively explore, learn, evaluate, express and share valuable information unique and reasonably balanced insights about cause and effect and reliability I have gained through my experience with qualified readers who share an appropriate intereast.

I plan to Securely, Cost-Effectively, Increase Future Happy, Healthy, Safe, Prosperous, Quality Life Style Duration, Learn, Cause, Choose, Continuously Improve, with Team Project Reliability Analysis Maintainance Safety Program Plans Procedures and Tools. 

I expect that by doing this I will significantly improve the future quality of the balance of my own life style. I plan to proceed to share what I learn with virtual team members and thus help to significantly improve the quality of life for others around me as well.

Sincerely, James G Short,  “Jim” Webmaster

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