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limited to the study of part failures, the results of the part failures, the causes of the part failures and the impacts of these part failures upon other parts and sometimes their impacts on the quality and security of human life on earth. Often the discussions and applications of Reliability Engineering topics are also dismissed as being far above and beyond the concern and understanding of most ordinary human beings on the Earth, so why bring reason to persons who seem so content to merely live in the moment, come what may?

I can accept the idea of living in the moment to some degree, however I strongly believe that every material resource, every energy resource, and every human life resource has a unique value on earth and has been placed here for a specific purpose and is not to be wasted needlessly through inaction or careless mistakes.

Even though it is a fact that Reliability impacts the quality and security of practically every aspect of every human life on earth the concept is often swept aside and avoided during many conversations as being too complex to be shared freely with others.


 both personal and career aspects of every human life on earth and it investigates what can be done to reduce the frequency and severity of these failure consequences. Reliability affects everyone but unless a person is strongly addicted to a highly detailed study of negativity of failures … it would not be truly interesting and I would not be wasting time here now.

I am creating because,

I believe I  have a new perspective which will make the subject more interesting and approachable to a wide audience. The name  comes from spelling reliability backwards, not intending only to divert the audience attention but to signify the new ways to  view things "out of the box" or reflected by a mirror. I do not intend to accept business as usual unless there is good evidence  to support that view; 

The approach taken to the "Reliability" subject at is not limited to a "business as usual" approach that is often taken elsewhere. It is not a pass the blame for the results to the next step. I am not content to just say "it is not my problem, don't ask me about it"

, where work is seen as "Garbage In Garbage Out Same Old Shit".  Instead, it is given long, hard  look, a backward glance as if looking through a mirror, and it is called

is all


which does not require a great knowledge of statisticians, mathematicians, or engineers. I have named

But you may be thinking that the reliability engineering study that you know about is all just adding up parts and failure rates and failure modes and effects and lots of numbers and calculations. Maybe you may even have a basic sense that it is so intently focused on negativity and failure and safety hazards and risks of events that we all hope will never happen that you think to yourself, "Thanks but no thanks! Let us just all live  in the moment and accept things that happen as being inevitable and don't worry about these things. Besides, the theory of reliability and safety is a complex subject to be left to aviation or space industry and it should simply be  something we all just take for granted as it relates to our daily lives." Right?

Is that not already interesting enough to make it a subject that you don't want to put down when you need a good night's sleep? Or is it more like a subject that would help you get to sound sleep faster? Perhaps this subject  and my dry coverage of it can help you get to sleep more soundly faster when all else fails. Maybe.

But my wish here is to explore other ways to learn and apply reliability engineering theory and practice and study and to make it more meaningful and to bring the benefits to a broader audience. I realize that it would be extremely foolish to ignore past  failures with out investigating and resolving their causes and effects for the future, I have long had a curiosity about things that almost fail but don't quite fail and avoid potentially catastrophic disaster effects.  I also like to consider things which fail to a major catastrophe even when known failure modes and causes are thought to be adequately resolved and all parts appear to be operating correctly. OK and I do not like to try to accuse and blame people for hazardous failure effects when they have just been following instructions and orders from their managers or commanders.

I believe that every living, breathing, thinking, feeling adult human being is ultimately responsible for making his or her own decisions regarding the future of his or her own life. I believe that freedom of choice along with proper education and knowledge of applicable rules of life are factors which make the USA one of the more relatively successful countries in the recorded history of this earth. And I also believe and wish to explore how freedom of choice, education, adherance 



 So that is why I have chosen to call this a campaign by the name "IAFPRP" or "Improve All Future Project RAMS Program" and to offer to serve as evangelist and/or coach in order to promote my YTILIBAILER toolkit which can help bring you more exciting discoveries through UFANS and PRAISES and GIGOSOSGCLS into your life and mine? What if I were to present this exciting adventure and much more information all in one interactive website? It would include personal life and career experience, my project improvement campaign, and database toolkit? • ABOUT • JS • YTILIBAILER • GIGOSOSGCLS • UFANS • PRAISES

Are you already curious and excited to discover what this is all about and where may it lead?

This involves my many years of life and career experience in outdoor nature adventure, classical music, electrical and electronic equipment control and reliability engineering, and observations of human life in general.

Perhaps this campaign is to me like the "Impossible Dream Quest" from the musical show "Man of La Moncha."  Maybe I need a nice long look at myself in a magnifying mirror to get a larger view of the many defects in my own life character before I try to help people around me. 

Yes, I can see that! But  from my perspective I still look around me and see a wonderful world with a lot of wonderful people who should be helped in  a meaningful productive manner,

And although I may pause from time to breathe, swallow, blink, and focus my eyes on my vision  for a  better world, I will always endeavor to not only see the gaps and obstacles in the way, but to continue to strive to make things better, as they should be. While I will continue to be aware of the failures, I will seek with even more determination to find the root causes for the bad effects. When the causes cannot be found and eliminated, I will look for ways to correct or to compensate and to make life on earth better for all honest and good people.

Like many people, I hate it when things don't work the way they should, it doesn't really matter what the thing is. If the thing is a cheap simple toy that did not cause me much loss of money or physical injury, I can think "Oh well." But if it did cost me significant loss of time or money or physical injury or loss of life, that is much more serious. I also believe that each human life is a valuable resource that should not be wasted, especially by careless action or inaction.

I believe that what has made the USA a great society where many people of many varieties want to come to live is the value placed on each individual human life. This value has developed over the  course of human history and is reflected in the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address, and in other documents. The result is that the USA has become a prosperous nation for the most part, due to the right to free speech, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and other related factors.

especially when they cause a significant loss of resources.  Resources  could be time and money, natural resources, human resources. When things are defective, 

The whole website is my campaign to explore and share some insights and lessons that I have learned to find out how  I can "Improve ALL Future Project Reliability Programs" for myself, my family, and many good people around the world.

I am also curious and excited about the potential discovery.

So OK, please come along and explore it all with me as I develop it!

What is this website all about? Is it about me, James G Short Jr [JS]? Who am I? What are my intensions? Who are You, the visitor? What is GIGOSOSGCLS and the IAFPRP "Improve All Future Project Reliability Program" Campaign about? What is to be expected here from you and me? Is it safe for visitors? How does it work? Where should visitors go next?

Great questions; let us start finding great, helpful, safe, positive answers! • ABOUT • JS • YTILIBAILER • GIGOSOSGCLS • UFANS • PRAISES


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