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The word SNAFU is a commonly used military slang term which means Situation Normal: All Fucked/Fouled Up" (see If a person genuinely seeks to "Improve ALL Future Project Performance Results" then "SNAFU" cannot be a desirable or acceptable condition. To learn how to turn things around and make things better, come to the UFANSS pages. at


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But wait, you may be wondering about the name "UFANSS" and, after confirming that “YTILIBAILER” is indeed the word “RELIABILITY” spelled backwards, you may have noted that UFANSS is SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fowled Up).  

The name “YTILIBAILER” is obtained by spelling the word “RELIABILITY” backwards. This reflects the idea that it often takes more than one point of view and more than one tool or method or approach to find an effective solution to a challenging issue.

In this case, UFANSS is for Users FRACAS  Ana


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