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Welcome to the ABOUT tab of my website about "Improving All Future Project Performance Results for All Users!"

This ABOUT tab provides more detailed introductory and background information about, its mission and purpose, how it works, and why it is important to me to share it with you, and what you need to know to become a YTILIBAILER user  so you  can  start  "Improving All Future Project Performance Results" for yourself!

Some sample questions:

Is this a website about my formal, licensed business?

Well,  no, is not a formally licensed business as of this current date,  January 2, 2017. However, the website does  represent my attempt to  present my unique collection of experience, skill, and talent in a way which will provide mutual  benefit to you,the website visitors, to customers who expect improved project performance results, and to myself in terms of increased work opportunity.  methodology is able to offer significant performance improvement to nearly any type of project to which it is  applied. 

This ABOUT tab presents information focused primarily on as a whole, including more background details concerning the Title, Motto, Slogan, Mission, and Vision Statements, Business Status, Purpose, Definitions, Goals, Intentions, Contact Information. ABOUT also includes access to a Guestbook, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, and basic introductions to the contents of the other primary website pages.

" Improves All Future Project Performance Results for All Users!"

The ten carefully chosen words of this single, straight-forward sentence form the well-crafted Title, Motto, Slogan, Mission, and Vision Statements for this website. These words help the website visitors to learn what is all about. 

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The method used here focuses on seeking those elusive project improvement solutions which lie both inside and outside the boxes of the wide variety of challenging projects many of us face in our daily activities. As we all know by now, in today's complex project settings, it is often not possible to predict in advance the precise boundaries between the many different environments we, our products, or our process face when activated. Therefore, if we want to achieve successful results, we cannot continue to ignore the effects of influences on our project results which are due from outside the project box. Nor can we avoid responsibility for the influences our project outputs play on the inputs to the projects of others. In today's complex project settings, it is often less practical than ever before in history to determine the precise boundaries between work play, home, and other operating environments. It will never be helpful to point one's fingers to blame others for the problems, or to try to avoid responsibility for project results by claiming ignorance due to the "fog of war." 

Then, if this method seems interesting to you, I suggest continuing your visit with the JS tab to review my life experience, education, work experience, and skills of this website's author that may apply to the unique challenges in your projects.

Next, move on to the YTILIBAILER Reliability Data Management Center and Applications for Improving Future Project Performance Results tab for a detailed introductory description and virtual online shop catalog of what may be needed and of what may be available through to help achieve Improved Future Project Performance Results for you.

YTILIBAILER includes the following program section features:

The UFANSS tab describes a virtual online club focusing on sharing information and hints for finding some of those solutions. There are more than enough project problems where working together to find true solutions will benefit everyone.

The PRAISES Project Reliability Improvement tab to study technical discussions under the P_Project R_Reliability A_Analysis I_Integrity S_Safety E_Education S_Sustainability topic tags which may be relevant to your project situation. The goal is to create a custom tailored PRAISES Project Reliability Improvement Program to fit the needs of your specific Projects. After that, visit YTILIBAILER pages for a virtual online shop catalog of what may be needed and of what may be available through to help you Improve Future Project Performance Results.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge that as of this date, I strongly believe that all the features I mention above will work as claimed, although not all are implemented and available here on this site. I do also strongly desire and intend to implement all and to make all available through this site, the YTILIBAILER shop and the UFANS club. Encouragement thr ough comments on the GUESTBOOK tabs will be helpful to all. 

Sometimes, it is helpful to look at things in different ways in order to determine what fits and what does not fit. Sometimes the solution to a problem that is found inside the  box comes from outside the box. Sometimes the problem comes from outside the box but a solution must be provided inside the box. Sometimes a lot of time passes before a solution must be found to a problem caused a long time in the past. It is not possible to change the past, but information that was collected is key to finding a solution. Or experience in the past can help decide what information must be collected to help correct problems that come up in the future.

This is the thinking that has led me to develop the YTILIBAILER database application, the UFANSS and PRAISES systems, and this website. Now that you are here my intent is to convince you to become a User. So go to YTILIBAILER to download the database application, to register as a UFANSS member, to create your PRAISES project(s), to spend quality time together with me and other UFANSS members to Improve Every Future Project Performance Results! Together, we can work to solve real problems to make the world a better place.


To learn more about, please visit the HOMEABOUT,  JS,  YTILIBAILERUFANSS, or PRAISES tabs from the Navigation Menu.

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