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My name is James G Short Jr, Jim”


I am the Webmaster, creating and maintaining as a personal Internet website, about me, my life, and my experiences with the worlds of Reliability and Reality.


I am the author of most of the contents of this website which is about me and the life story and my opinions and related experience with reliability and safety and quality assurance.  I claim full responsibility for what I intend to state and present here.

Without apology, this section is all about me, James G. Short, Jr., Jim. I am here performing my multi-faceted, multi-funconal, multi-dimensional roles in this life on this Earth. I serve as the Webmaster of this website, sharing just a few aspects of my own private personal life story this earth.  In one role I am a Different Drummer Male Human Being character born and raised by loving and caring parents in the United States of America. In yet other roles, I have served in a wide variety of industries in a variety of  positions as  Electrical Control Systems Reliability Engineer and in other capacities. I have had a wide  variety of experiences and have observed a great deal of phenomena unique from anyone else. I am creating this website to explore some ideas I have had for a long time and never had the opportunity to cogitate,

This is all based on a firm belief that each individual human being on earth is a living soul of a great and unique value that is not to be wasted but should be treated with the highest level of kindness and respect that is appropriate. Not everyone is able to fulfill his or her full potential for a wide variety of reasons and cause. I believe that it might be possible to learn how to enable each person to fulfill his or her highest potential for good purposes without damaging anyone in the process. I believe that a good education and upbringing are essential, and that freedom of choice along with a fair understanding of cause and effect it is possible to maximize success and minimize failure without undue risk of hurting or offending anyone.

My intention is to develop a way to examine more perspectives on how things and people work together. To learn about me please visit JS  or connect through one of my social network profiles.

This is the reason I am developing YTILIBAILER,

Hello once again! I am James G Short Jr. Here I play Webmaster for and Evangelist and Coach for my IAFPRP Campaign, "Improve All Future Project Reliability Program." Yes, much of this website is about me and experiences and lessons I have learned with many projects in my life. But it can also about you and about how you and I may be able to solve problems and make projects function and help make Earth a  better  place to live and work. 

You can begin to find out all you need to know by exploring from left to right the options in the Main Navigation Menu above. Start first with HOME for a basic welcome and introduction, then proceed to the right along the options to ABOUT for general introductory information about the features of this website as a whole.

JS in context is for my initials and a quick identification with me, James G. Short Jr., in my roles as Webmaster for and Evangelist for the IAFPRP Campaign and the motto "Improve All Future Project Reliability Program." 

In my beginning I was born in East Lansing, Michigan, USA on February 9, 1957. I am a citizen of the USA and I am now nearly 61 years old. I earned my High School Diploma from Skyline High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA in 1975. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree (BSE) degree from Walla Walla College/University in College Place, Washington, USA in 1981. 

I have worked as an engineer in Salt Lake City, Utah (1981); Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (1984); Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (1997); Sealy, Texas, USA (2004); and have been in San Antonio, Texas, USA (2012). In 2001 at the age 44, I received installation of a St Jude mechanical aortic heart valve in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 

Although the heart and valve have been working together in my chest as a great team since they were successfully had skillfully installed and I still function reasonably well as a living human being, I also received a throat and palate and brain injury during the surgery recovery period. The result is that I have complications with speaking and eating and walking normally, and although I know I will always feel grateful for every moment of life that I enjoy now. I truly appreciate all the work done by the surgical team and by the device engineering and manufacturing development teams and also any seemingly insignicant forms of assistance I have experienced along the way. I will also never give up on living and working independently to the best of my ability under suitable conditions and circumstances. 

This is my reason for trying to launch my IAFPRP Campaign, which is intended to emphasize that each human life is worth  living life to the fullest and free of fear due to products or processes functioning inappropriately. Please help by joining my "Improve All Future Project Reliability Program" (IAFPRP) Campaign to apply quality and reliability management concepts to improve life for every person. In this way, I believe we can all achieve great results now, during 2018, and continuing on into an awesome,c much safer, more secure, and more enjoyable future!

It is a long standing tradition after the beginning of a new year to review our activities and our accomplishments during the past years to look for opportunities to do and make things much better for ourselves and our communities and people around us during the coming year and even farther into the future. If we are motivated and informed and committed to what needs to be done, it is possible to make amazingly innovative improvements. However, it often turns out that   the necessary motivation and commitment are missing and not only are the expected improvements are not made but a great disaster takes place instead. Many unwanted and dangerous situations and events can be avoided if people were well motivated and committed to make appropriate  actions. 

Sometimes this requires significant process changes to be made. Sometimes these changes are complex and costly, but quite often with good strong leadership and understanding they are not terribly complex or costly and can bring improvement to nearly everyone. 

‚ÄčI believe that with few exceptions every human living on earth is a valuable resource that is essential for achieving the best life possible on earth, and that with proper leadership much can be achieved by helping each person to find and use his or her own best collection of skills and talents. The key to success is for each to have freedom to choose and pursue his or her own goals and to have maximum understanding of cause and effect relationship of various options among a maximum portion of the earth's population and that suffering in life can be minimized among everyone and the joy of life can be shared with a maximum portion of the population if knowledge and leadership can be properly distributed among the cultures. 

I believe and seek to explore the idea that effective application of a Quality Management System such as ISO-9001:2015 as being implemented by US President Donald Trump in the Make America Great Again (MAGA) can make life better not only for citizens of the United States of America but for everyone else who is not depending on exploiting other people unnecessarily for  evil purposes.

Hello Visitors! Happy New Year 2018!


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