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My Website and My IAFPRP Campaign

"Improve All Future  Project Reliability Program"  

Yes, my name is indeed James Gordon Short, Jr. People who know me also call me James or Jim. I am creating and maintaining this website (, which is all about me and many of my past, present and future projects. Ever since I was a child, I have focused a large share of my energy and attention on finding "Short Solutions to Long Standing Problems." I have often been amazed and surprised and annoyed and frustrated when products or processes performed functions better or worse than intended or expected, and with widely varied consequences. My purpose here is to provide documentation of my self evaluations of some of my own projects and roles  I have performed and compare the results with observations  concerning other projects that I have watched  and experienced from other positions and perspectives. My intention is to provide and share the project performance results documevntation in a format where creative possible solutions can be proposed and examined and tested and applied. My hope is that by sharing these improvements with many people that genuine health safety  and happiness benefits can be realized.  I am doing this  because I believe that all human life is an extremely valuable resource and that it is not acceptable to sallow it to be wasted carelessly, especially when relatively simple solutions may be found by creative thinking.  I am optimistic that through this website these new  and innovative solution approaches can be found and explored and adapted, and that I can  locate people and information resources to help me make is happen.

Here at I am represented by my initials "JS" placed in front of the website title and domain name. In this way I assert my responsibility and leadership evangelist coach role in " — IAFPRP — My Improve All Future Project Reliability Program Campaign."

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