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Introduction to JS

My name is James G Short Jr., or “Jim.” I am the webmaster, author, host and primary character here. I began my life when I was born in Lansing, Michigan, USA on February 1957. Since then my life and career paths have taken many turns as a small boy with parents and family and community members who loved and cared for me, as a church and public school student relatively strong in reading, writing and arithmetic, as a God and Nature lover, as a classical vocal and instrumental music lover, as an electrical control and reliability engineer, and much more. I have had much experience, both good and not so good, but my strongest gratitude is for the fact that I am alive and well with lessons I need to pass forward to make improvements that can help make the world a safer and better place for other good people.  

Please also visit the [JS] selection of this website for a summary of my personal profile, my life story, my career experience details, and other topics about me. 


My primary purpose for developing and maintaining this website is to analyse and explore and share my experience for relevant cause and effect lessons I have learned during my personal life when viewed as a continuous quality and reliability improvement project. 

Continuously Improving Probability of Total Quality Reliability Maintainability Safety Joyful Happy Healthy Human Life Project Future Successes with the Ytilibailer Cause Effect Feedback Control Systems.

What is Reliability all about? What can be so interesting about the subject? Reliability is the main technical subject, a measure of the probability that a project result will comply with what is intended or expected. 

Reliability R is 1.0 if project success is absolutely certain.  (Very  Good)

Reliability R is 0.0 if project failure is absolutely certain. (Not Very Good At All)

True, all too often Reliability seems like a very dry and boring topic with lots of numbers and words, completely uninteresting to most people. All too often the subject is described in terms of seemingly endless lists of mechanical and/or electrical and/or electronic parts and/or electro-mechanical assemblies and/or other products, tasks, and services. All too often something or someone appears amazingly wonderful while it is being joyfully demonstated by someone else in a sales demonstration or comercial message and you have spent your own hard earned money, energy and time resources to bring one home to please yourself or perhaps it was to be an amazing gift for someone important that you wished to impress in a positive manner.

What happens next? Good or evil? What can be done? How can you enjoy more good life project results without risking the bad trouble and disaster? How can you be sure of what you get? Can   you  improve your results  with any reasonable  affordable degree of certainty?

My purpose is to give an honestly personal and human perspective to the subject of Reliability by looking at every human life as a project that is derived and descended from the original human life project in the Garden of Eden as described in the book of Genesis Chapter One. My own life project was started when my parents decided to launch my life and I was born and raised. It is an ongoing project that is still in the works and is far from over. 

Yes, I believe that by reasonable efforts significant progress can be made by reviewing the history of my life project to learn about cause and effect relationships. The mission of JSReliability is to explore honest and not too complicated ways to continuously improve the probability of joyful happy healthy human life project results for myself and for others around me. It is not easy for me to do, but it is not impossible and the benefits will be well worth the effort.  

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