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Vote for Hope and Change!

This slogan sounds generally positive and attractive; who would not vote for a candidate offering "Hope and Change"? In order to objectively evaluate this slogan and the candidate who bases his/her campaign promises we would require a better, more specific, measurable definition of what is meant by "Hope and Change" with examples and documentation of the respective candidate track record for "hope and change" project work.  If the candidate does not present a record of successful completion on any of these projects or similar projects an explanation of what went wrong along with proposed corrective action which would bring improved results should be presented. Without this  presentation the candidate's credibility and his/her qualification for the job would be diminished greatly. The incumbent political leaders will not score well based on their past project performance records. 

Vote Because ALL Lives Matter!


Vote to Heal! Inspire! Revive!


Vote to Make America Great Again!


Yes, and Many More Loud, Bold, Great Sounding Promises!


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