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" — Improve ALL Future Project Performance Results in 2016+!"

Does this website title and slogan stimulate your attention and interest? Can you think of any projects you know that could benefit from improved performance results in 2016 and beyond?

Perhaps, like me, you have lived or worked in the United States of America (USA) for a considerable period of time. During this time you have seen many projects that are absolutely begging to have critical improvements made. You know that progress on any of these projects would certainly lead to a great improvement in safety, economy,  and  quality of life for most of the world's population. You also know that all the most necessary human and material resources exist and are ready to be employed to make these potential improvements a part of  every day life. All that is needed is for leaders  to work intelligently and productively together  to coordinate these resources. When this is done,  these critical projects could be completed, the lessons learned to subsequently enable  even more challenging projects to be done to make even more improvements to be made. There is no limit to what can be done with effective leadership. If this seems like an unattainable solution, all that one needs to do is to look at history to see what has worked,  what problems were experienced, review the lessons learned, make the appropriate changes,  and then move on to the next projects.  

In the USA, we citizens have a rather unique situation where periodically we are responsible for electing candidates for many leadership positions in our society. We are like an employment selection  committee, reviewing experience  and qualifications, receiving and  evaluating project proposals according to many criteria, and then voting for those  whom we would hire to provide the political leadership we seek for coordinating and performing the projects under consideration, All we need to do is to select and elect, and we should expect these  politicians to lead and coordinate these project tasks for which they volunteered to be elected. This process sounds simple enough, does it not?

All  we need as voters is a systematic way to objectively evaluate multiple competing candidates with personality characteristics and job experience records and skill sets to manage many competing projects which affect many people and  competing projects. Once we make the selections and cast our votes, we can rest and relax for two,  four,  six, or   eight  years,  depending on the term length of the position being filled.  Still simple enough, right? Perhaps not!

Hello! My name is James G Short Jr, and people who know me often call me "Jim." I am the "JS" of I offer you my experience working in a variety of capacities on a variety of projects in a variety of industries. I bring with me a reliability improvement program that I have developed and called "RAISES." It is intended to be tailored to objectively fit the specific needs of many types of projects, comparing various characteristics of various projects, processes,  and products entities to determine the cause and effect relationships from one entity to another. Entities which often do not directly touch each other may  yet have unknown cause  and effect interrelationships with project outcome.

My sense of the current status of industry, business, economy, and of society in general, not only within the USA but throughout the rest of the world, is that ALL projects could benefit from application of my RAISES program as tailored for the needs of the specific projects. This would be true regardless of which political party wins the election in the USA, and that RAISES will help evaluate the proposed projects each candidate offers to help determine which candidates and which projects are most likely to succeed and to provided the expected results.  The whole thing is based on the concepts that not only do ALL lives matter, ALL jobs are important. In order for this to succeed, ALL lives must be treated properly and ALL jobs must be done correctly. All lives and jobs must be matched  to fit each other  properly. Whoever understands this will ultimately be more successful in improving future project performance results. 

If I still have your attention at this point, I would like to thank you for your time and invite you to explore the website tabs in order, starting with ABOUT, to learn what the site is all about. Then move on to JS and RAISES to discover about me and the improve program. After this, visit the YTILIBAILER | RELIABILITY shop to find out what is needed, and it is available from me, along with the UFANS Club to discuss and work with other members.

I have a  very strong feeling that my skills and experience (JS) and my tailored Reliability Improvement Program (RAISES) and my concept  of the YTILIBAILER | RELIABILITY shop and the UFANS Club and properly matched team mates could work together to objectively evaluate  the multiple political candidates in order to help elect the leader who will be most effective in improving future project performance results for us in the USA and throughout the world.

Finally, please be sure to look into BLOG and GUESTBOOK for the latest news, views. If you sign in with your name,  email, and your constructive comments, I will not add SPAM  content to  your email inbox pile, but you can encourage me to concentrate my efforts on adapting RAISES to help with USA Election 2016.

Again, thank you very much!

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