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This Internet website has been assigned the domain name


JS are the name initial letters for the first and last names of James Short, the author, webmaster, and primary character and Reliability designates  the primary subject covered by the website.

where the first  two letters, “JS,” .   representing

which designates the name of the author, 

which begins with “JS” which are the initial  letters  of  my  name,,  James.  Short,  the main character  

to introduce the author and main  character and webmaster   suggest the subjects covered by the contrary



Visit and review the posts on this About this Website BLOG category to learn general information and answers to general frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the website as a whole.

For more focused general discussions and information topics about me, in my roles as Webmaster, Campaign Evangelist, and Project Improvement Coach, Please visit and or contact me, 

James G. Short, Jr., at JS

For more focused general discussions and information topics about the IAFPRP "Improving ALL Future Project RAMS Program" Campaign or about the YTILIBAILER  Database Application Toolkit which goes with it  please visit  


about is a website that is being created and published on the Internet as a forum to communicate various concepts and ideas held by its author and publisher to generally savvy audience.



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