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Welcome to the ABOUT tab of my website about my IAFPRP "Improve All Future Project Reliability Program Campaign!"

This ABOUT tab provides more detailed introductory and background information about, its mission and purpose, how it works, and why it is important to me to share it with you, and what you need to know to become a YTILIBAILER user  so you  can  start  "Improving All Future Project Performance Results" for yourself!


Again, welcome to JSReliability.coma website focused on Improving ALL Future Project Performance Results in 2016 and beyond for YOU! Thank you for extending your visit to include this "ABOUT Mission, Purpose, Goals, Method, Process" Post under the ABOUT Tab. The Mission of is to promote the implementation of a method of objectively evaluating project performance results in the future so that choices among available project options may be made which can truly make genuinely improved project results more widely available

The Method used here focuses on seeking those elusive project improvement solutions which lie both inside and outside the project boxes of the wide variety of challenging projects many of us face in our daily activities. As we all should know by now, in today's complex project settings, it is often not possible to predict in advance the precise boundaries between the many different environments we, our products, or our process face when activated. Therefore, if we want to achieve successful results, we cannot continue to ignore the effects of influences on our project results which are due from outside the project box. Nor can we avoid responsibility for the influences our project outputs play on the inputs to the projects of others. In today's complex project settings, it is often less practical than ever before in history to determine the precise boundaries between work play, home, and other operating environments. If the goal is to find and implement the proper solutions to the many challenging project problems, it will never be helpful to point one's fingers to justify blaming and condemning others for causing the problems, not without objective evidence. Nor will it work to try to avoid any share at all of responsibility for the problematic project results by claiming ignorance due to the "fog of war." 

The Method proposed here is based on the concept that ALL Lives Matter! Once this is accepted, ALL basic rules that apply one person's life apply equally to every person's life. Then, ALL project results are relevant, whether the project is directly associated with people, products, or processes. Everything is connected to everything else directly or indirectly. An even more essential basic concept is that each project has a unique "It" inside, a set of characteristics determines everything the project will be able to accomplish during its useful period of time. "It" is an entity which only the project's creator/designer knows and understands completely enough to be able to  make changes to  improve  its specified functions and not to destroy it beyond repair. For example, if the project is defined to be the collection of processes which make up an individual person's life, the main source of the person's "it" is supplied through the genetic path from the two parents, each of whom provides approximately one half of the hereditary "it" for the person. For practical purposes, this "it" acts as if it is programmed into a ROM (Read Only Memory) which cannot be cleared or changed without damaging or destroying the useful life  of each person.  For the person to manage his/her own life project to live a useful life, he/she requires education and training. Fortunately, the Designer Creator of the life process has provided a document, which we know as The Holy Bible, which contains all of the specifications and instructions necessary for training people how to manage their own lives successfully. 

Managing a life with an "It" is neither unreasonably simple nor impossibly difficult. But there are some malevolent people who will attempt to control the "it" of others in an attempt to dominate lives of others to their own personal advantage. Often, the most effective means they have to do this is to keep the truly amazing messages of The Holy Bible away from most of the common people. Sometimes the malevolent people do this by distorting the actual contents of The Holy Bible. The most effective defense the most common people can use is to learn to read The Holy Bible for themselves faithfully translated into their own languages. The message is not that difficult to understand; it is universal in nature. This  is very  important because only each individual person can make workable changes to his/her  own "It" and these changes must  be done  carefully to  prevent  damage  to  one's personal life project.



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