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Happy Healthy Safe Joyful Human Life Inner Engineering

Projects that Improve Future Cause Effect Results and

More High Quality Reliable Available …

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Human Health RAMS Program Plans
Live Longer Prosperous Happy Healthy Safe Secure Lives Continue to Imrove Results
Safe Ethical Improved Human Life Project Reliability Maintainable Results 

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Welcome to the FRACEVQIS tab of my site. 

Feedback Records Almanac of Cause Effect Variability Quslity Improvement System Data Seeks to Improve All Future Project Performance Results for All Users!

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Performance Results for All Users!

Welcome to the FRACASCER tab for Improves ALL Future Project Performance Results for ALL Users! 



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PRAISES P Project Plan Phases Specifications

This acronym represents six ways JS Reliability works to hel…

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PRAISES A Analysis Data History


Many tasks which are related to the reliability discip…

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PRAISES I Identity Integrity Data

PRAISES I Identity Itegrity Data

Integrity Verification

A brief description i…

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PRAISES S Safety Security



This acronym represents six ways …

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HANDLERS • “Have a Nice Day” Life Events Reports and Stories

Have a Nice Day Life Event Project Reliability Plan Reports Scores



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PRAISES S Sustainability Durability

Sustainability Topics

Knowledge and experience with…

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PRAISES E Education Experience Training

This acronym represents six ways JSReliability works to help impro…

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PRAISES R RAMS Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety


The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has define…

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