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This Guestbook is intended as a place where respectful site visitors interested in the JSReliability may register their visits and make constructive comments and ask questions about this website. I will not accept registrations from vi…

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CAS Change Activity System

CER Cause Effect Resolution

About (Website FAQ)

The name of this website is, derived from the initials of the site creator's name, JS (James G. Short, Jr.), with the title of the primary topic "Reliability" (part of the PRAISES Improvement Program) and ".com" concatenated to make a…

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JS James Gordon Short, Jr.


I am “Jim,” James G Short, Jr.

Author, Grateful, Clean, Kind, Thankful, Sharing, Organized

Happy Healthy Human Life RAMS Project Inner Engineer

I began my life when I was born in Lansing, Michigan, USA on February 9, 1957. Since …

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FRA Functional Review Analysis


Performance Results for All Users! Improves ALL Future Project Perfor…

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Functional Review Analysis • Change Action Studies • Cause Effect Resolutions

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