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Welcome to and IAFPRP!

Hello! I am James G Short Jr. "Jim"

Welcome to the Home Page of and IAFPRP!

The "JS" in is all about me, James G. Short, Jr., the webmaster, and the unfolding adventure story of both personal and career aspects o…

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Introduction to JS

My name is James G Short Jr., or “Jim.” I am the webmaster, author, host and primary character here. I began my life when I was born in Lansing, Michigan, USA on February 1957. Since then my life and career paths have taken many turns as a small boy with p…

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Hello! Greetings!

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JS James G Short, Jr. "Jim" (me)

I am the Webmaster and Primary Character here.

I am creating and maintaining this to be my personal website and platform where I can freely explore and inv…

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